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Mitch Haddad

EF Gap Year Consultant – Boston, MA

Directly following high school, I heavily debated if college was the right step for me. I wish I had known more about, or considered, gap year programs when I was at that crossroad; instead, I completed my degree and spent a year studying abroad in Spain, then in Argentina. This year abroad, immersing myself in different cultures and diving deep into the Spanish language, was formative in both my life and career.

Immediately following graduation, I moved to Nicaragua to work on a service project. Little did I know, I'd spend the next decade living in Nicaragua, building up an education business on a demonstrative farm and hosting gap year students, volunteers, and interns from all over the world! I am passionate about experiential education, intentional travel, and exploring new cultures. Some of my favorite travel experiences have included hiking the Inca trail, exploring the wilderness in the Tierra del Fuego, and exploring all the street food across busy Tokyo.

I know talking on the phone isn't anyone's favorite thing to do, but here's why calls are part of our process: taking a gap year is an incredible, life-changing decision—one that you'll feel way more confident about after talking it all over with an expert who can guide you through the process of building your perfect gap. Baby steps, though, so feel free to start by texting me!

Mitch's Ultimate Gap Year

Where my ultimate gap year would take place is constantly changing, but these are the places that have been on my bucket list for years!

Language in Seoul, South Korea

I've always wanted to pick up some Korean, and the world class city of Seoul is the perfect place to dive in: from the street food to the temples, this is one destination that cannot be missed!

Internship in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city of islands and I have a feeling that getting to know each one would be the journey of a lifetime.

Service Learning in Peru

I have a deep connection to Peru; I’ve been going there since I was 18 and have been fascinated by the culture, the people, and the diversity in climate, food, and language ever since.