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Booking Conditions

  • LAST UPDATE:May 1st, 2024

These Booking Conditions are valid for all EF Gap programs departing after September 8, 2023.

Upon enrollment on any EF Gap program, every Traveler must agree to and sign these Booking Conditions, inclusive of the Release of Liability & Agreement; Rules of the Road; General Terms & Conditions; Payment Plan Terms & Conditions; Cancellation Policy; and Essential Eligibility Criteria. By signing, Travelers agree to and acknowledge the following:

  • Details on what is included and excluded from the Program Fee

  • Terms & Conditions for upgrade purchases, add-ons, and extended stays

  • EF’s policies for canceling or modifying a Gap program

  • Release of Liability & Agreement

EF Gap programs are operated outside of the United States by EF Education First International, Ltd., Switzerland. EF Institute for Cultural Exchange, Inc. is an affiliate of EF Education First International Ltd. and acts only as a marketing services provider for that company and is herein referred together with EF Education First International Ltd. as “EF”.

Booking Conditions

The following are the general Booking Conditions for anyone participating in an EF Gap program.

If you have questions or concerns regarding any or all of these conditions, you should contact us at