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A blog that explores the limitless possibilities of a gap year

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In this online journal, EF Gap Year celebrates those brave individuals who dare to pave their own paths, find moments of learning in unexpected places, and continuously strive to expand their own universes.

25 July 2019 :     AHA MOMENTS     227 Views

A Study in Smiles

This post was written by our inspiring alumni, Samantha D.   As a photographer, a traveler, and a curious mind, I had the opportunity of a lifetime. I got to travel the world for six months. And I got to bring my camera along with me.    A Study in Smiles is a project I…

17 July 2019 :     GAP ADVICE & TIPS     130 Views

5 Tips for Blogging about Your Gap Year

So, you’re going on a Gap Year and you want a way to tell everyone from your mom to your camp friends to your weird uncle everything that’s going on without having to reiterate the same stories over and over again. Blogging is the most efficient and easiest way to do this, but, where to start?   Here…

19 April 2019 :     GAP ADVICE & TIPS     505 Views

Top 5 reasons guidance counselors recommend gap years

Gap years between high school and college are commonly viewed as a rite of passage in countries around the globe, especially in Europe. Slowly, parents and students in the United States are waking up and realizing the awesome benefits taking a step off the traditional path provides. However, while gap years grow more and more…

05 April 2019 :     AHA MOMENTS     628 Views

The (unexpected) ways I grew from my gap year

Count on growth and change If you’re considering taking a gap year you probably expect to see some changes in yourself on the other side. I certainly expected as much when I embarked on my gap year journey. A well-rounded gap year should result in growth and development in a number of areas. You might…

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22 March 2019 :     GAP ADVICE & TIPS     687 Views

A brief history of the gap year

The term gap year is thrown around a lot these days, but it’s important to understand exactly what it is people are referring to. Unfortunately, when a lot of people hear “gap year” they think of sitting on your parents couch and binge watching Netflix in lieu of freshman year. While some people might choose to…


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