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Why Choose EF

We’re the world leader in international education.

Since 1965, EF has sent millions of people around the world to have life-changing experiences. Our gap year program is the culmination of 50 years of expertise in educational travel, language learning, and cultural exchange—our “greatest hits,” if you will. Here are some other ways EF Gap Year is unique.

  • Customization

    With our custom modules, 3 program lengths, and destinations around the world, we let you build a gap year that’s as unique as you are.

  • Variety

    EF Gap Year is unique in that it combines language study, internship, and service experiences into one comprehensive program.

  • Peace of Mind

    With more than 50,000 staff members and 600 offices and schools around the world, we’re able to offer unparalleled international support 24/7.

  • Educational Value

    By equipping you with global skills, professional experience, and optional college credits, we promote hands-on learning and life readiness.

Meet Your EF Gap Year Team

Taking a gap year is an incredibly worthwhile experience. It can also feel overwhelming at times. You can count on EF teachers, tour guides, and staff for support every step of the way.

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Your Gap Year Advisor
(AKA: The people who are there for you from Day One)

Each EF Gap Year student is paired with a dedicated Gap Year Advisor who will be a mentor, emergency contact, and main support person throughout your program experience. Always an email, text, or quick phone call away, your advisor is there for you whenever you need.

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Your Operations Team
(AKA: The people behind the magic)

Unlike other gap year organizations, we insist on overseeing every aspect of your program ourselves—it’s the only way we can maintain our strict quality standards. Our Operations Team is on the front lines, working closely with partners around the world to ensure that your EF Gap Year experience runs smoothly.

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Your Local Guides & Field Directors
(AKA: The people who bring new places to life)

The true magic of any EF program is our on-the-ground staff, and EF Gap Year is no exception. Our local guides and field directors are there to help you get the most out of your experience and provide the expertise and insider perspective that will make for an unforgettable trip.

Our Educational Philosophy

EF Gap Year takes experiential learning to the next level. Our carefully-curated curriculum of interconnected global experiences prepares you to succeed in all aspects of adult life: personally, academically, and professionally.

You’ll continuously learn and grow in four key areas, mentored by EF advisors, and return home with official certificates documenting your success. You can even earn college credit.

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  • Growth Mindset

    Become a lifelong learner. Cultivate curiosity and creativity. Embrace challenges as opportunity. Find a true sense of purpose.

  • Global Skills

    Develop the top 15 skills most valued by employers, including intercultural insight, language skills, and business knowledge.

  • Life Readiness

    Prepare for success in college and the career world by growing more self-confident, self-reliant, and mature.

  • Empathy & Awareness

    Enhance your ability to connect and communicate with others. Learn your true strengths and talents. Become a real team player.

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

We encourage all qualified students to apply for an EF Gap program. Whoever you are, whatever you are passionate about—we welcome you and want you to bring that to our program. We are committed to inclusion and belonging across race, ethnicity, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, ability, parental status, veteran status, experience and everything else that makes you unique. We continually seek to build and maintain a vibrant community of program participants that reflects the rich diversity of our world.

Who We Are

For more than 50 years, EF has offered quality educational programs all over the world that help people of all ages continue to learn and grow through life-changing, hands-on experiences.

About EF

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