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Our educational philosophy

At EF Gap Year, our aim is to help students become happy and successful adults. We prepare them to succeed in all aspects of adult life: personally, academically, and professionally.

We create programs of carefully curated, growth-minded moments that foster a love of lifelong learning, enhance their natural strengths and talents, develop their ability to connect with others in meaningful ways, and build the skills most sought after by colleges and employers.

  • Growth mindset

    We help students develop a passion for learning rather than a need for approval. They learn to value process over results, and view challenges as learning opportunities.

  • Life readiness

    We prepare students for success as an adult by navigating the experiences on our program, students gain maturity, confidence, and independence.

  • Empathy and awareness

    We help students develop empathy and awareness skills such as communication and teamwork—some of the most highly sought-after soft skills in today's workplaces.

  • Global skills

    Students gain the experience needed to thrive in today's global economy, such as intercultural communication skills, self-awareness, and tolerance for ambiguity.

Benefits of taking a gap

The phrase “gap year” is misleading in that it implies there is something missing, when in reality a gap year has the potential to be more productive than any year of formal schooling students will ever undertake. The beauty of the gap lies in the freedom it affords students: freedom to self-direct their learning, explore their passions, and define their life path.

  • Gain a competitive edge

    Gap year students enter college a stronger applicant, more socially and mentally prepared, with life experiences under their belt. They go on to earn higher GPAs, take on more leadership roles, and graduate faster compared to national averages.1, 2

  • Become your best self

    Students grow into a more confident, independent and resilient version of themselves. 96% of students who took a gap year report that they returned home more confident and mature.2

  • Explore new passions

    Taking a gap gives students a break from the grind of traditional academics and the opportunity to explore interests that are meaningful to them.

  • Define your life path

    A gap can help students gain perspective and clarity about their goals and inner compass. 60% of gap year alumni say their gap year helped define their career path, and 77% report finding their purpose in life.1

Want to learn more? Check out our webinar: "How to be a gap advocate at your school"

Recorded in October 2023, this webinar provides educators with information about gap years and the proven benefits they offer, outlines how a gap fits into the college path, and shares tips for educators who want to provide their students with all the information they need to plan for a gap and beyond.

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