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Gap Year in Stockholm, Sweden

An innovative and stylish Scandinavian city, Sweden's capital prides itself on being open to anyone and everyone.

Gap Semester in Stockholm

    Fall: 35-50 °F

    Winter: 25-35 °F

    Spring 40-60 °F


    Swedish Krona



Cutting-edge and rich with history, Stockholm is a city of layered contrasts. This urban "city of islands" integrates beautifully with nature.

Art and architecture are central to Stockholm’s identity, as this design-minded hub has a continual and outsized influence on global design trends—making it an ideal destination for the creative and trendy traveler.

Friendly, non-hierarchical companies and ubiquitous English-speakers make Stockholm an ideal place for an international internship.

Fika in Stockholm with EF Gap Year

Enjoy Swedish Fika. Take a mid-day break, fika, with a coffee (or tea) and your favorite baked Swedish treat. We love kanelbullar, also known as Swedish-style cinnamon buns.

Gap Semester in Stockholm

Stroll through Old Town. Take a leisurely walk through Stockholm’s oldest district, down cobblestone streets and past colorfully-painted buildings.

Underground train station in Stockholm on a EF Gap program

See some truly underground art. Ride Stockholm’s metro system and explore the nearly 100 breathtaking stations, which comprise the world's longest art exhibition.

Stockholm city with EF Gap Year

Twinkling lights make Stockholm feel festive and cozy during long, dark winter nights.

ABBA museum in Stockholm, Sweden with EF Gap Year

Mamma Mia! Embrace your inner Dancing Queen and learn all there is to know about this 70s pop supergroup at the ABBA museum.

Forest in Stockholm on a EF Gap Year program

Connect with nature. From kayaking to hiking to biking, there are so many ways to explore the seemingly endless natural beauty and outdoor spaces that surround Stockholm.

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