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Meet our EF Gap Year Consultants

Each of them is an expert in travel and experiential education. They all have unique specialties too.

Brooke thought school wasn't for her until an alternative spring break trip helped her discover that the best learning takes place in oceans of Costa Rica, the museums in France, and the crowded streets of Beijing.

Lauren spent a month in Europe when she was 19, which did two things: it kicked off a lifetime of travel and it helped her leap out of her comfort zone. Since then, she's been living outside of her comfort zone every day because that's where the magic happens.

Mitch has been everywhere you want to go. He even spent the last 10 years living in Nicaragua, building up an education business on a demonstrative farm where he hosted gap year students, volunteers, and interns from all over the world.

Kyle spent his own gap year in Chile, where a wilderness education experience helped him backpack, kayak, and mountaineer his way to a new understanding of himself.

Steph has traveled almost non-stop since she studied abroad in Australia. Her only regret? Not starting sooner, so her travels could have informed her college and early career decisions.

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