Lauren Fecht

EF Gap Year Consultant – Denver, CO

I grew up traveling with my family and would spend every break during college traveling—everything from backpacking trips in the Rockies to working at a summer camp in Greece for the summer!

When my study abroad opportunity fell through because of COVID, I knew I would need to make up for that once I graduated: after completing my studies and still not feeling like I knew what I wanted to do or was passionate about, I decided to go and live in Costa Rica for a couple of months. My time there taught me a lot about myself and allowed me to really grow up—not only that, but it also helped me see the value in education and made me realize how fortunate I was to have gotten the education that I did. I have seen firsthand how much experiential learning and travel can teach you, and that’s how I landed here at EF.

I know talking on the phone isn't anyone's favorite thing to do, but here's why calls are part of our process: taking a gap year is an incredible, life-changing decision—one that you'll feel way more confident about after talking it all over with an expert who can guide you through the process of building your perfect gap. Baby steps, though, so feel free to start by texting me!

Lauren's Ultimate Gap Year

You might be wondering, Where in the world would Lauren do her EF Gap experience?

Language in Malaga, Spain

I studied Spanish, both in high school and while living in Costa Rica, and am interested in the cultural immersion aspect of studying in Spain. Plus, I’m a beach person—I want to be by the water!

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Internship in Stockholm

Stockholm is such a cool city! I’m truly fascinated by Swedish culture and architecture; I’d love to do an internship studying that.

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Service Learning in Thailand

I’ve never been to any of Asia, but it’s high on my bucket list. I love the nature aspect of this destination—and, of course, the elephants!

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