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Meet Our Gap Year Consultants

Gap year program
  • Publish Date:December 7th, 2021

Our EF Gap Year Consultants work full-time helping students and their families plan their dream gap experience.

What is your Gap Year Consultant's goal?

Working with you and your family one-on-one to plan an EF Gap experience that expands your horizons and meets your goals; this includes working internally to ensure each part of your itinerary is a good fit, gathering materials to help you make your decision, and helping you consider a financial plan for the program.

What are your Gap Year Consultant's responsibilities?
  • Conduct conversations with students and their families to understand their goals for a gap experience and determine whether a gap is the right fit for them, then dive into planning a life-changing, customized gap program.

  • Work in tandem with Program Operations to confirm destination availability and appropriate challenge level for each module.

  • Collaborate on funding plans by sharing strategies that have been successful for past students, discussing fundraising and scholarship opportunities, and providing clarity on our payment plans.

  • Gather necessary enrollment information like housing choices, dietary restrictions, and making a plan, if necessary for college deferral.

  • Share student and family profile with their assigned Gap Year Advisor to ensure a smooth transition from the enrollment process to the program stage.

  • Host regular virtual webinars for prospective students that shed light on program intricacies of the program.

Will your Gap Year Consultant always be your point person at EF?

Your Gap Year Consultant will always be available for questions—some of our Consultants are still in touch with alumni and their families!—but once you enroll in the program, your Gap Year Advisor will be your main point of contact.

Smiling man on a gap program

In addition to being a Gap Year Consultant, Mitch H. also runs a demonstrative farm for educational travel in Nicaragua.

EF Gap Year in Italy

Gap Year Consultant (and EF Gap Year alum) John F. in the Amalfi Coast.

EF Gap Year staff selfie

Brooke B., who works with educational partnerships, on an EF trip snapping a selfie at the Great Wall of China.

Gap Year Consultant poses with dog on a mountain

Gap Year Consultant Duncan F. loves exploring the world with his dog Oca.

EF Gap Year staff

Gap Year Consultant Kyle L. did his own gap semester exploring the outdoors in Chile.

EF Gap Year staff in Colombia

Shaylyn L., one of our Gap Year Consultants, on the water in Cartagena, Colombia.

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