Meet Our Gap Year Advisors

  • Publish Date: December 7th, 2021

Your Gap Year Advisor works full-time to support you before, during, and after your EF Gap experience.

What is your Gap Year Advisor's goal?

Ensuring your EF Gap Year program is a success by providing you with individual support and a flawless experience every step of the way; This includes helping you to establish personal goals, mentor you to achieve them, and maximize your well-being.

What are your Gap Year Advisor's responsibilities?

  • Help you set goals prior to departure, chart your progress throughout the program experience, and measure your learning outcomes at Wrap-Up.
  • Check in with you one-on-one at key times throughout the experience, especially as you transition to more independent learning modules such as Language & Culture and Business & Internship.
  • Serve as your primary contact for answering questions, navigating unexpected challenges, and resolving any conflicts on program.
  • Collaborate with local ground staff abroad, if necessary, to resolve any unexpected operational issues.
  • Identify and mediate gradual change blindness that occurs when students travel.

How can you get in touch with your Gap Year Advisor?

Your Gap Year Advisor will share their email and phone number with you, so they're always just an email, call, or text away.

Our Gap Year Advisor, Mary whitewater rafting on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe

Sarah, one of our Gap Year Advisor, on a personal trip to China

Gap Year Advisor, Elizabeth, will sail to the ends of the earth for her students

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