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Make next year all about you

Students take a gap year for a wide range of reasons. What do they all have in common? They’re excited about taking a break from the classroom to try something totally different, see more of the world, and grow as people. After an amazing experience abroad, 90% of “gappers” enter college the very next year.

Is a gap right for you?


Looking for an adventure before college?

You know you’ll eventually go to college—you’ve got the grades and tests scores—but first you want to take a break and do something just for you: explore the world, connect with other cultures, and maybe even discover your true path in life.


Accepted to a good school—but want to defer?

You know your career path and have been accepted at exactly the right school to get you there. It’s all part of the plan to defer enrollment for a year and take a well-deserved break—to live life and see more of the world. It’s important, though, that your gap experience enhance your future plans.


Hoping to get into the school of your dreams?

You got good grades and test scores, but you didn’t get into a college that truly excites you. Rather than settle for your safety school, you’d like to take a year off, build your resume with several amazing global experiences, and then reapply to the school of your dreams next year.


Need to take a break from college for a year?

You’ve given college a try and discovered you’re just not ready for it yet. So it’s time to reassess your personal goals and career plans. You think an amazing gap year will rekindle your love of learning and show you the pathway forward to a better university experience.


Still figuring out the whole college thing?

Traditional classroom learning has always been a challenge for you, and applying to colleges this year might be a stretch. You believe a year of global experiences and hands-on learning is just what you need to craft a compelling college application, choose exactly the right schools, and then apply next year.

“I loved how EF not only taught me how to be independent but also gave me a community away from home. I ended up with a variety of friends from across interests and the globe. I will use what I learned during my time with EF for the rest of my life!”


I did an internship with EF at one of their offices during my gap year. It was an amazing opportunity to travel, learn, and to meet new amazing people with different backgrounds. The internship with structured very well and gave me a broad range of professional and life experiences.


“This school has been, so far, the best experience of my life. Not only did I meet unforgettable people but, while doing so, I also got to learn one of the most spoken languages of the world.”


“I really enjoyed the internship portion of my travels, working alongside extremely hard-working, life changing and passionate people. I would highly recommend doing an internship with EF because it's the perfect stepping stone to jumpstart your education & professional development.”


“This program is truly unique and different from others. EF forces you to open up in so many great ways, you're pushed out of your comfort zone and you reach goals you didn't even know you had. I came home being more outgoing and more informed about the world outside my little bubble at home.”


Questions? Speak with an EF Gap Year Consultant.