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Dylan's EF Gap Year Itinerary

9 countries • 3 continents • 25 weeks

Get oriented in EF Tarrytown, New York

Set your journey off on the right foot. Meet at an EF campus in New York to set goals for your gap, bond as a group, and review safety and first aid best practices.

Convene on EF's Tarrytown campus just outside NYC
Hear from an EF alumni panel

Hear alumni perspectives on how to make the most of your gap year.

Get to know your fellow travelers

Meet your future travel buddies and friends for life.

Immerse yourself in Europe's finest cities

Gain a richer understanding of European art, music, fashion, and popular culture with firsthand exploration of four of Europe’s finest cities: London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona. Peel back the curtain as you learn about these cities through local guides, and learn how to travel responsibly on your own.

Tour London's grooviest neighborhoods

Go on a street art walking tour and hit up famed British gems such as Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace.

Take part in a pop-art painting workshop

Let your creative juices flow and express yourself fully in this fun, hands-on learning activity.

Get a taste of Amsterdam

Eat your way through Amsterdam on a food tour, explore its canals on a boat cruise, and learn about the city's open-minded culture.

Embrace your joie de vivre in Paris

Explore Paris with a cruise along the Seine river, visit to the Eiffel Tower, and jaunt to a creperie. You'll see the Champs-Elysées, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and beautiful Versailles.

Soak up the energy and architecture of Barcelona

Wander vibrant neighborhoods, catch skyline views, and see Gaudí's most famous works, from La Sagrada Familia to Gaudi Park.

Study Japanese in the heart of Tokyo

With over nine million people, this bustling city provides students with a high-energy experience and feast for the senses. From the fashion-forward streets of Harajuku to the anime-themed shopping centers of Akihabara, you’ll have endless opportunities for people watching.

Study at our state-of-the-art language school

Located in one of Tokyo's most iconic neighborhoods, our language school boasts a beautiful view of the Tokyo skyline.

Find your zen

Visit traditional Japanese gardens, temples, and Shinto shrines scattered throughout the city.

Live like a local in Tokyo

Put your language skills to test as you interact with locals and explore the city. Be sure to visit as many neighborhoods as you can—each comes with its own distinct character!

Learn about elephant conservation and community outreach in Thailand

In Thailand, you’ll explore, participate in cultural exchange, an learn about the country’s social issues in the context of its rich history and culture. You’ll make a hands-on impact by working with local NGOs and community members to conserve Thailand’s precious natural environment, aiding sustainable community development efforts, and helping to care for elephants.

Assist an elephant sanctuary

Help maintain a sanctuary and learn about the complex issues facing Thailand’s captive elephant population.

Take a Thai cooking class

Learn about Thai cuisine and recreate classic dishes.

Support community development efforts

You could help create income-generating projects, develop an ecotourism platform, or provide English teaching support.

Adventure your way through Australia & New Zealand

After Winter Break, you’ll kick off second semester with your fellow EF Gap Year students on an in-depth tour “Down Under” in Australia and New Zealand. Learn about the colonial history and ancient traditions that inform the complex cultural landscape of these two countries.

See Australia's most iconic landmarks
Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
Embrace your inner Hobbit
See the bubbling mud pools of Rotorua

Visit Rotorua, a town in New Zealand renowned as a hotspot for geothermal activity and a preservation site for Maori culture.

Reflect at Milford Sound
Gain international work experience as an intern in Sydney

Understand today’s global economy by experiencing professional life yourself. Take your first big step into the adult world by interning at a real company and living on your own in an apartment.

Add new skills and experiences to your resume

As an intern, you'll not only develop your professional network and understanding of workplace etiquette—you'll also acquire new skills and knowledge about an industry.

Experience Bondi Beach

No stay in Sydney would be complete without at least one trip to the world-famous Bondi Beach. Stroll the sand and surrounding streets, soak up the Vitamin D, and get that iconic Instagram shot of Bondi Icebergs.

Get a glimpse of 9-5 life

Learn how to manage your time, stay on top of a work schedule, and explore the city on your free time.

Put it all together at Leadership Academy

Reflect on your gap experiences and develop 21st-century leadership skills through strengths-building, teamwork, and motivational techniques.

Gather at our stunning Hult Ashridge Executive Education campus

Now home to Hult Business School's executive education program, Ashridge House was once a royal residence of Henry VIII and Princess Elizabeth I. The castle grounds are located in Hertfordshire, just outside of London.

Understand your strengths

Review the skills you've gained and learn how to lead from your strengths.

Hear from speakers in business and international relations
Say goodbye to your cohort at a farewell dinner