Compass Program: Rome

Tour three European destinations and learn Italian in this awe-inspiring capital city.

Program Info
  • Program Length:
    6 weeks

  • Program Fee:
    $8,495, flights included.
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  • Program Dates:
    Summer 2022: 5/21 – 7/2

Determine the mark you want to leave on the world in Rome, The Eternal City. Build your independence, expand your skill set, and make friends for life. You’ll return home with a clearer understanding of yourself and your goals—whether it's making decisions about your future, or continuing to travel and see the world.

  • Confidence & independence

    Get out of your comfort zone and discover what you're capable of.

  • Global citizenship

    Gain language skills, experience new cultures, and expand your horizons.

  • Self-discovery

    Understand how to leverage your strengths and begin to define your life path.

  • Life skills development

    Learn how to live and travel on your own and build skills that will help you later in life.

What you’ll experience

European essentials

Your program begins with an Orientation Tour across London, Paris, and Rome. Your EF Tour Director will give you an insider's perspective on each city and help you contextualize your travels within local history, culture, and beyond. (Even if you've been to these cities before, you'll see them through totally new eyes—we promise!) You'll also have free time to explore on your own or with your new friends.

Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to availability and local conditions at the time of departure.

Orientation Tour 8 nights


2 nights

Take a walking tour of London, from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, to its hip artistic neighborhoods.


3 nights

Tour La Tour Eiffel, eat delectable French pastries, and glimpse the Mona Lisa at the Musée du Louvre. After your stay, board a flight to the next stop on your journey.


3 nights

Discover ancient landmarks like the Colosseum and Pantheon amongst a vivid modern landscape where commuters ride Vespas, espresso bars are everywhere, and backstreet trattorias serve worldclass Italian cuisine.

Rome Immersion 5 weeks

Language study and exploration

5 weeks Rome

Dive into Italian culture during your substantial stay in Rome. Hone your authentic accent by living with a host, feasting at cozy restaurants, and discussing historic works of art.

Live the language

After your Orientation Tour, you'll move to a homestay in Rome and take language classes at the EF campus. The EF language school is a short walk from iconic sights like the the Colosseum and Fontana di Trevia.

  • Elevate your Italian

    Learn Italian from native speakers through lessons, interactive tools, and cultural immersion—all levels welcome!

  • Explore during your free time

    Classes are a few hours per day, giving you plenty of free time to explore. Your EF Campus will host regular optional excursions and activities as well.

Get to know Rome

Italy’s mesmerizing capital city teems with historical ruins, mega-famous art, and bustling street life. Food is a way of life in Rome, where the rich cuisine celebrates fresh ingredients and artful forms.

While living in Rome, be sure to appreciate the pace of life, larger-than-life art scene, and vibrant street life.

Learn more
Grow personally & professionally

Through a combination of weekly facilitated workshops and your own experience living abroad, you’ll find your strengths, learn more about the world, and chart your own path forward.

Cultural immersion

Experience Italian culture through living with a local host, as well as activities such as a cooking class or facilitated visit to an Italian business.


Discover your unique strengths and how to leverage them for personal and professional success. Reflect and define your own life goals.

Skills for the real world

Build the foundations of independence by learning how to navigate a new city, stick to a budget, and manage your time. These skills will help you in college, your career, and beyond.

Program fee

The tuition for this 6-week program is $8495.

Tuition includes:

  • Flights & Local Transfers

    Round-trip flights and local transportation during group excursions

  • Room & Board

    Your accommodations and some of your meals on the trip

  • Course at an Accredited Language School

    5 weeks of classes at EF Rome, as well as the opportunity to earn 3 college credits

  • Personal Development Programming

    Weekly workshops and activities designed to help you discover your strengths and goals

  • Activities & Excursions

    Guided group activities such as walking tours, museum visits, and a boat cruise along the Seine

  • EF Global Support Network

    One-on-one mentorship and 24/7 travel support before and during your program

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