Meet Our Program Operations Team

  • Publish Date: December 7th, 2021

Our Program Operations team works behind the scenes to create our life-changing programs.

What is the Program Operations Team's goal?

Researching and selecting program destinations that offer meaningful cultural exchange and mutually beneficial learning opportunities for both participants and their hosts; Developing hands-on learning opportunities for each program module based on our G2PA Method that produce concrete outcomes and, at the same time, offer unforgettable experiences that are engaging and fun.

What are the responsibilities of our Program Operations Team?

  • Source suppliers for transport, accommodation, meals, sightseeing and learning opportunities that meet our program’s rigorous standards for quality and safety.
  • Manage all on-program logistics and facilitate smooth transitions between modules, working closely with ground staff in each destination.
  • Partner with local nonprofits and NGOs to develop service learning service projects and cultural exchange experiences that benefit both you as a student and your host community.
  • Partner with organizations to host meaningful internships that allow you to gain insight in the local business culture and make a real contribution.
  • Liaise with you, your parents, and your Program Advisor to resolve any unexpected challenges or issues as they arise.
  • Obtain feedback from our internship partners and service learning providers about the effectiveness of our programs and incorporate all learnings into future program development.

Where is the Program Operations Team based?

All over the world! We have dedicated Program Operations staff in our Zurich and Boston offices who are supported by EF staff on the ground in 115 countries.

Our Operations Specialist Torquato with EF Gap Semester students in Seville, Spain

Program Operations team members on a site visit in Tanzania

Program Manager Rebecca has visited students in Costa Rica and the United Kingdom this year

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