Gain incredible business experience in one of the regional capitals of today’s global economy. On an EF Gap internship, you’ll be placed with a respected organization, mentored by professionals, and live with fellow interns in a shared apartment in your breathtaking host city.

EF Ga Year - Documented proof - Internship - How it works

How it works

As an EF Gap Year student, you begin preparing for your internship during Orientation. You participate in a special seminar dedicated to assembling a compelling application profile for potential employers which includes a resume of your skills. You also select three career fields of interest available in your host country. EF Gap Semester students begin this process before they leave home, working one-on-one with their EF Gap Advisors via email or Skype. At the end of your internship you will receive an official EF certificate of completion, detailing the type of work you’ve done for your host organization. You can also request a letter of recommendation from your supervisor.

EF Gap Year - Internship - Matching process

The matching process

While you complete the first module of your gap experience, our internship coordinators match you with an organization that best fits your interests and skills. The next step is to conduct an interview with your potential hiring supervisor by phone or Skype. If you’re a gap year student, you are assigned to your internship organization before you return home to the US for Winter Break. If you’re a semester student, you’ll get your internship assignment before you leave home. What you ultimately do for work will depend on your interests, skills, and job availability.

EF Gap Year - Internship - Accommodation & leisure

Accommodation and leisure

Your accommodation is a single room in a centrally located student apartment with a kitchen. There is no meal plan during the internship module, as students usually prefer to buy their own food and prepare their own meals as part of the experience. (At lunchtime, many of the larger organizations hosting EF interns offer onsite cafeterias.) Throughout your stay, we organize occasional outings, events, and excursions for all the EF interns in your host city so that you can relax, connect, and network.

Internship fields of interest

We offer a wide range of career options to explore in each internship city. What you ultimately do for work will depend on our interests, skills, and job availability. Following are our most widely offered career focuses.

EF Gap Year - Internship - Business


Work in sales, finance, customer service, information technology, or in any area of business.

EF Gap Year - Internship - Finance


Gain firsthand work experience in the fast-paced environment of a startup in an emerging industry.

EF Gap Year - Internship - Marketing

Marketing & social media

Help an organization promote its products and services in print, online, or via social media.

EF Gap Year - Internshp - Travel & tourism

Travel & tourism

Plan travel logistics, assist local guides on tour, or work as a concierge at international hotels.

EF Gap Year - Internship - Education


Teach conversational English to children, or mentor local youth in sports and the arts.

EF Gap Year - Program Guide - Nonprofit


 Work for a good cause and gain insight into the culture of a respected non-profit or NGO.

Where in the world will you do your internship?

EF Gap Year - Welcome Tour - Internship - Language Study - Paris


Paris is France’s undisputed capital of culture, art, fashion, and commerce. Many multinational firms maintain European headquarters here. (Basic French required.)

EF Gap Year - Internship - Milan


Milan is Northern Italy’s premier hub for commerce, banking and manufacturing. It’s also one of the world’s meccas for fashion and design.

EF Gap Year - Madrid


Spain’s capital city is also its hub of business and commerce. Many of Spain’s largest and most influential companies are headquartered here.

EF Gap Year - Internship - Language Study - Berlin


Berlin is one of Germany’s chief centers for finance, banking, and technology. It’s also the national center for culture, art and government.

EF Gap Year - Internship - Language Study - Shanghai


Shanghai is at the heart of China’s efforts to develop a global economy. Many of the West’s multinational companies are headquartered here. (Additional fees apply.)

EF Gap Year - Internship - Hong Kong


Hong Kong has long served as South Asia’s hub for shipping, finance, manufacturing and retail. Many multinational firms maintain headquarters here. (Additional fees apply.)

EF Gap Year - Internship - Bangkok


Bangkok is Southeast Asia’s capital of commerce and trade. Most Asian corporations maintain regional head offices in the city’s bustling business quarter.

EF Gap Year - Internship - Language Study - Tokyo


Tokyo remains the Pacific Rim’s capital of finance, commerce, retail, and technology—with many tech and automotive companies headquartered here. (Additional fees apply.)

EF Gap Year - Internship - Language Study - Seoul


Seoul has emerged as one the world’s major players when it comes to technology, consumer products, and the automotive industry. (Additional fees apply.)

EF Gap Year - Immersion Tour - Internhip - Sydney


Sydney is Australia’s premier center for finance, technology, and commerce. It’s also the headquarters of dozens of global manufacturing companies. (Additional fees apply.)

EF Gap Year - Internship - Dublin


Dublin enjoys world status as a new media and service industry hub. Many social media and tech companies maintain European headquarters here.

Questions? Speak with an EF Gap Advisor.