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Grasp a language faster through total immersion

Feel more at home in the world by learning a language at one of EF's fully-accredited schools abroad! You could advance one level every six weeks thanks to our innovative and personalized learning method that blends classroom lessons, interactive tools, and cultural immersion.

Experience living in the global city of your choice a new country in either a homestay or a dorm-style EF Residence. Gain insight into the local culture, pick up expressions with greater ease, and return home with a more authentic accent.


You’re heading to a new country to steep yourself in another language and culture. We’re not surprised you have a few questions.

Do I need to speak the language already?

Any level of language proficiency is welcome, as we have classes to accommodate all levels. Whether you want to finally pronounce “ciao” with confidence or you’re looking to test into an even higher college language course, you’ll be a perfect fit at any EF International Language Campus.

How demanding are language classes?

This completely immersive language experience can be challenging, but it’s worth it. EF Gap Year students usually advance one official language level during a six-week module. Students on our semester program also see significant progress during their shorter, four-week stay.

This total immersion experience includes teacher-led instruction in the classroom, educational excursions around town, vocabulary-building in our learning lab, and additional self-directed exercises online at any time of day.

Does the school organize activities?

Yes! What those activities looks like depends on your school, but when lessons are over for the day, there’s a full program of activities, events, sports matches, and outings at school or around the city.

On the weekends, you’ll be invited to join optional excursions to other vibrant cities in your host country and beyond.

What are the accommodations like?

Students can choose between two options for accommodations: a homestay or residence.


You are: An independent student seeking culturally and linguistically immersive experiences abroad with the structure and support of your host. You must be willing to challenge yourself by trying to communicate with your host in the local language.
Accommodation type: Shared room in the home of a local native speaker (who may not speak English), often residing in a small city apartment and hosting other international students.
Commute: 30–60 minutes to EF’s International Language Campus by bus or train
Meals included: Breakfast and dinner on weekdays, all meals on weekends
What this experience offers: An authentic living experience in the international city of your choice that helps you to level-up your language skills.


You are: A student seeking a community-based, dorm-adjacent, and social living experience. You value community-building among your peers and want to live with other international students.
Accommodation type: Shared or single dormitory-style room in an international community residence
Commute: 20–50 minutes to EF’s International Language Campus by bus or train
Meals included: None, however meal plans may be available for purchase
What this experience offers: The freedom and independence to choose your meals, set your schedule, and pursue your passions with the structure and support of student housing.

Here is an example of a room in a student residence

Here is an example of a residence amenity: a rooftop

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