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EF Gap Year 2022-23: Leadership Academy

Welcome to your virtual program for the EF Gap Year Leadership Academy in the UK.

What Is Leadership Academy?

Leadership Academy is designed to give time and space for you to reflect on the year you have had and think about how you will bring it forward into your future. You will be reunited with each other so you can see the growth that each of you has gone through individually, as well as the overall growth that you have experienced as a cohort. 

Schedule of events

The schedule outlined below is intentionally a mix of structured activities that will help you reflect and prepare for your return, conversations with inspiring EF employees, and free time for you to enjoy each other’s company. And of course, this is also a time to celebrate! We will be celebrating all that you have achieved and accomplished throughout your time on the program. 


Meet the EF Gap Year staff that will be joining you at Leadership Academy!