The Voyager

12 weeks: Service learning in Thailand and language study in Tokyo

Journey across the Pacific Ocean and out of your comfort zone

Have you ever taken care of an elephant? Or eaten sushi straight out of a fish market? The Voyager is guaranteed to expand your mind, palate, and perspective.

After kicking off your program with an epic tour of Europe, fly to Southeast Asia, where you’ll experience Thailand through the lens of sustainable development. Explore Thai culture and social entrepreneurship and roll up your sleeves to work on service projects. Next, fly to Tokyo for an immersive Japanese language course. Put your new skills to the test by exploring the futuristic city and soaking up its legendary food, fashion, and anime scene.

Fall 2022 Dates:
Sep. 16 – Dec. 2
Program Highlights
  • European Immersion: Embark on a guided tour of London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona with your cohort.
  • Service Learning: Explore Thailand and see the country’s sustainable development goals in action through hands-on projects and cultural immersion.
  • Language Study: Study Japanese at our language school in the famous Shibuya neighborhood. You’ll live with a local host and have plenty of free time to explore Tokyo on your own.
  • EF Leadership Academy: Reflect on what you’ve learned, and hone your leadership skills through workshops and activities.

Program Itinerary

Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to availability and local conditions at the time of departure.

Gap Semester 12 Weeks

European Immersion

2 Weeks Europe European Immersion

Every EF Gap Semester program kicks off with a guided, culturally immersive tour of four iconic European cities: London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona. Bond with your cohort as you explore these cities and make lifelong memories together.

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Service Learning

4 Weeks Thailand Service Learning

Traverse the landscape of sustainable development in Thailand and collaborate with local social enterprises in furthering community goals: such as elephant conservation, youth outreach, and rural development.

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Language Study

4 Weeks Tokyo, Japan Language Study

Take an immersive Japanese language course at EF's language school in Tokyo. Our modern campus is located in the heart of Shibuya and boasts a panoramic view of Tokyo's skyline.

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EF Leadership Academy

1 Week London EF Leadership Academy

Our gap semester programs culminate with a transformative series of workshops and seminars led by experts in business and international relations. Reunite with the rest of your cohort to reflect on your gap, develop a post-gap plan for success in college and your career, and say goodbye to everyone during a gala farewell banquet and awards ceremony.

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Program Fee

Tuition for this 12-week program is $20,000, and payment plans are available. Tuition includes:

  • Flights and transportation

    Round-trip flights and local transfers to each stop in your itinerary

  • Room and board

    Your accommodations and some of your meals on the trip

  • Course at an EFLanguage Campus

    Tuition for 4-week course at EF's accredited language school

  • Activities and service projects

    Guided excursions and service opportunities with partner organizations

  • Global support network

    One-on-one mentorship and 24/7 travel support before and during your program

Delve into Thai culture & sustainable development

Take your time in Thailand so you can soak up the succulent street food, ancient ruins, ultramodern cities, and sustainable agrarian communities.

On your gap, you’ll work with local NGOs and community members to conserve its precious natural environment, join sustainable community development efforts, and help care for elephants.

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Master Japanese while living in the heart of Tokyo

With over nine million people, this bustling city provides students with a high-energy experience and feast for the senses.

Tokyo is sometimes called “a city of cities” because it consists of 26 cities located within one metropolitan area—each with its own unique character. From the fashion-forward streets of Harajuku to the anime-themed shopping centers of Akihabara, Tokyo presents endless opportunities for people watching.

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