Gap Year in Tanzania

Tanzania is absolutely dazzling—from Mt. Kilimanjaro to its hundreds of miles of Indian Ocean coastline.

  • CLIMATE: Year-round: 60-85 °F
  • CURRENCY: 2,314 Tanzanian Shilling = 1 USD
  • OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: Swahili, English
  • CHALLENGE LEVEL: Challenging

Long-standing cultures, gargantuan beaches, the distinctive wildlife of Serengeti National Park, and the tallest single free-standing mountain in the world—Tanzania is a country you’ll never stop learning from.

Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone and find yourself in awe of the fast pace of life in Tanzania. Cities like Dodoma, safari exploration, and lively schools will keep you busy and focused on growing your understanding.

Local NGOs will lead you in projects everywhere from school communities to quiet strips of beach. The service learning framework will help you apply your new understanding to your post-gap life.


Go sightseeing in Arusha. On a tour led by your Field Director, learn the ins and outs of the northern city of Arusha. Visit markets and the avant garde Cultural Heritage Centre.

Partner with a women’s empowerment organization. Support a sustainable agricultural enterprise run by local village women. You might help out on a chicken or pig farm, or assist with banana harvesting on a banana plantation.

Spend time in a Maasai village. Visit a village to learn more from its residents about the culture, cuisine, and customs of the Maasai people.

Serengeti National Park is home to more than 500 species of birds and 300 species of mammals.

Lend a helping hand at a school. Work in a school where the mission is to provide a free, high-quality education to 1,800 wonderful students from the Arusha District. You might help out in the library, get students ready for sports classes, and spend some time assisting in the kitchen.

Soak it all up at the Kikuletwa Hotsprings. Swing, swim, and soak in this tucked away, tree-ceilinged lagoon.

Take a safari. Spend four days waving a respectful hello to every animal you’ve dreamed of seeing in person as you wind your way through Serengeti National Park.

Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to availability and local conditions at the time of departure.


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