Gap Year in Shanghai, China

Worldly sophistication and an unforgettable skyline.

  • CLIMATE: Fall: 55-75 °F
    Winter: 30-45 °F
    Spring: 50-70 °F
  • CURRENCY: 7 Chinese Yuan = 1 USD

In Shanghai, you’ll find a thriving business scene, the latest in fashion and architecture, and a smorgasbord of some of China’s best culinary experiences. There’s a reason why Shanghainese people are famously proud of their world-class city.

Once a humble fishing village, Shanghai’s fate was forever changed after the Opium War, when it was declared a trading port and carved into territories under British, French, and American occupations. Today, Shanghai is China’s economic powerhouse and most international city—a reflection of the city’s complex past and China’s growing presence on the global stage.

The best parts of Shanghai will continue to unfurl as your language skills improve. Studying by People's Square positions you perfectly to explore the major downtown hubs of Shanghai.

Walk along the Bund. Gaze upon the iconic Shanghai skyline while strolling down the Bund, the city’s famous promenade built along the Huangpu River. Look for the iconic Oriental Pearl Radio & Television Tower—its glittering pink orb acts as the skyline’s statement piece.

Explore the French Concession. Stroll or bike down the tree-lined boulevards of Shanghai’s French Concession—a district that was once designated to the French. This neighborhood is home to cozy music venues, independent boutiques, and European-style delis.

Go shopping on Nanjing Road. Nanjing Road is basically China’s Fifth Avenue. It’s also one of the busiest shopping streets in the world.

A carrying pole is a typical method of transporting and vending goods in Shanghai.

Visit Yuyuan Garden. Yuyuan Garden is an exquisite Chinese garden located in the Old City of Shanghai. Built in 1577 during the Ming Dynasty, this verdant garden features a pavilion, a teahouse, and various bridges and traditional buildings.

Slurp up some soup dumplings. China’s famous soup dumplings, or xiaolongbao, were supposedly invented in Shanghai. These delicious steamed dumplings consist of a delicate layer of chewy dough filled with meat, seafood, and savory broth.

Spot the lane houses. Traditional Shanghainese dwellings, or longtang (lane) neighborhoods, can be found throughout the city.


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  • Our modern language school campus is located near People’s Square, one of the major downtown hubs in Shanghai.
  • We’re a short walk from Nanjing Road, a famous street for shopping.
  • Our school is only a 5-minute walk away from public transportation.

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