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Gap Year in Munich, Germany

See what makes Munich one of Europe’s best-loved cities and most traveled cultural centers.

Person smiling in park in Munich, Germany

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Metropolitan Munich is a magical blend of old and new; the capital of the German state Bavaria is a chic and contemporary city while simultaneously steeped in rich, old-world tradition.

Settled on the banks of the River Isar and north of the Bavarian Alps, Munich is a charming and quaint cosmopolitan city where man-made marvels compliment the natural beauty of southern Germany.

Affectionately nicknamed Millionendorf, or village of a million, this modern urban city has something of a small-town feel. The city is home to the annual Oktoberfest celebrations, Bavarian cuisine, beer gardens, centuries-old buildings, eco-parks, and a world-class collection of museums to discover.

Gap Semester in Europe

Adventure around Altstadt, Munich’s medieval old town. The historic district is an ensemble of cathedrals, gates, parks, squares, and towers. Traces of the past are present around each corner: dine from gourmet food stalls and beer halls, then shop in the area’s phenomenal flagship stores and traditional Bavarian boutiques.

Gap semester in Munich, Germany

Dive deeper into the history of this region. Travel to Dachau, the site of a former WWII concentration camp, a place that has preserved the history, location, and stories of the individuals impacted.

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Expand your palette. Enjoy the best of Bavarian cuisine as you sample southeastern German specialties, from pretzels and pastries to sausages and schnitzels! Experience Bavarian hospitality as you drink and dine at Munich’s many beer gardens and halls.

EF Gap Semester in Munich park
Clock during a EF Gap Semester in Munich

Hear the Rathaus-Glockenspiel clock tower chime. Motorized figurines inside the tower dance and joust in reenactments of two stories from the 1500s; these performances are visible from the north side of Maritenplatz Square, one of the busiest landmarks in central Munich.

EF Gap Semester in Munich

Stroll through one of the planet’s largest urban parks. The Englischer Garten covers an area of 370 hectares in central Munich with an expanse of lush lawns, shaded groves, and waterside wonders—among them, a singular static wave in the man-made Eisbach River that is popular among river surfers.

EF Gap Semester in Munich

Visit one of the premier royal palaces in Europe. Ranking among the finest gardens in Germany, Nymphenburg Palace and the surrounding grounds are a glorious example of garden artistry in Germany. Originally built as a summer residence for the former rulers of Bavaria, today Nymphenburg’s expansive park provides visitors with a taste of history, horticultural creativity, and spectacular royal splendor.

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