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Gap Year in Madrid, Spain

Unlock a world of culture in this golden city.

Madrid Gap year programs

    Fall: 50-60 °F

    Winter: 30-50 °F

    Spring: 50-70 °F





With ornate buildings, world-class galleries, and fashion boutiques around every corner, Madrid is a haven for lovers of art, fashion, food, and architecture. The Spanish capital will dazzle you with its warm people, fast-paced hustle, and vibrant nightlife.

No pasa nada, which means "there is nothing amiss," perfectly describes the balanced lifestyle of Madrid, where people  typically work to live rather than live to work. Eateries and shops open around 11am on weekends, encouraging the entire city to sleep in.

Work dress codes may be business casual, but start-ups and historically powerful industries thrive in Madrid. Get a hands-on feel for Spanish work culture at your internship placement.

EF Gap Semester in Madrid market

Get an A+ in market-ing. Wade through one of Madrid’s oldest and most beautiful markets, the Mercado de San Miguel where you can find gourmet specialty foods like cured meats, cheese, pickled goods, and various tapas. Bonus points if you take your finds over to the Sabatini Gardens for a picnic.

Street in Madrid, Spain

Take a siesta. The siesta, a short nap taken in the early afternoon after lunchtime, is an essential part of everyday life in Madrid. There's a good chance this will be baked into your internship schedule. Better start practicing your napping now.

EF Gap Semester in Madrid with churros

Feast on chocolate con churros. Who doesn’t love crispy, deep-fried sticks of dough dipped in hot, melted chocolate? This local treat can be found in cafés and stands throughout the city, especially during the winter.

EF Gap Semester in Madrid

The architecture of Madrid exudes splendor and elegance.

EF Gap Year at the Madrid Palace

Spend a day at the Museo Nacional del Prado. Museo del Prado is the ultimate place for art lovers. One of the premier museums of the world, you’ll find thousands of paintings on display here, including the works of Spanish artists like Diego Velázquez and Francisco Goya.

EF Gap Year at the Madrid Palace

Visit the Royal Palace of Madrid. Take in the splendor of the Royal Palace of Madrid: the official residence of the Spanish royal family and the largest functioning palace in all of Europe!

EF Gap Year in Madrid

See (through) the Palacio de Cristal. This ornate greenhouse-turned-exhibition space is a must-see for lovers of nature and architecture.

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