Dominican Republic

Prepare to be enchanted by the cool breeze and rich history.

  • CLIMATE: Year-round: 70-90 °F
  • CURRENCY: 57 Dominican Peso = 1 USD

The dynamic geographic and cultural landscape of this Caribbean island makes it an ideal setting to volunteer for environmental and social grassroots efforts.

This island nation is comprised of so many landscapes and lifestyles, from bustling cities and secluded sandy beaches to soaring peaks and dense mangrove forests. Along its immense coastlines, you’ll experience this country's relaxed, restorative vibe.

You'll help to conserve the coral reef environment, mentor and empower youth, and learn how to apply the service learning framework.

Build your understanding. Reframe your knowledge of Dominican culture with a history lesson of the Taínos, the island’s first inhabitants, on a tour of Santiago.

Join establish coral reef conservation efforts. Nearly a quarter of the planet’s coral reefs have perished, and those that remain are in critical danger from global warming, pollution, and human encroachment. In the Dominican Republic, NGOs partner with international volunteers to preserve the endangered coral reefs and the marine life that depend upon them. They promote the sustainable use of marine resources and ecosystems through research, education, and the development of conservation projects.

Hike to great heights. In the mountain town of Jarabacoa, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a white-water rafting excursion and learn about this fragile mountainous ecosystem on a carefully-tended trail hike to a gorgeous waterfall.

Once a quiet town for farming and fishing, Cabarete is now a hub for travelers, market vendors, and adventurers.

Befriend and support local youth.
In many rural communities of the Dominican Republic, schools are under-funded and don’t have enough teachers. Local NGOs support the education of under-served children in schools through volunteer service-learning programs. You'll help teach English at schools and lead after-school activities at NGOs' community-based facilities.

Reflect and make plans Rest, relax, and reflect on how you'll implement your service learnings in Cabarete—the DR’s premier surf resort town. Take a surfing lesson then join an excursion to Laguna Gri Gri, a mystical lagoon filled with mangroves and gorgeous birds.

Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to availability and local conditions at the time of departure.


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