Gap Year in Berlin, Germany

Lose yourself in the culture and art of this trendy, diverse European capital city.


    Fall: 40-50 °F
    Winter: 30-40 °F
    Spring: 50-60 °F





Berlin is a cultural enigma that draws out the creative side of every traveler.

As a haven for foodies and artists of all types, this capital city's eclectic layers provide endless opportunities for the curious explorer. Interwoven in its vibrant culture and progressive energy are monumental reminders of the city's complex and turbulent history.

Start-up culture blooms in the grit of Berlin like a flower from a sidewalk. Express yourself in German and contribute to an innovative company in this city that demands undivided attention.

Immerse yourself in history. From Checkpoint Charlie and The Holocaust Memorial to Potsdam and Sanssouci Palace, Berlin's long and complicated past is easy to access and worthy of examination.

Explore the East Side Gallery. Check out one of the largest open-air galleries in the world, a 4,000-foot stretch of the former Berlin Wall. It's covered in murals from over 100 different artists.

Fast food, Berlin style. Hit up one of the thousands of Doner Kebab or Currywurst shops that dot the city. Order currywurst—a hot dog with curried ketchup—to get a taste of how Berliners snack on the go.

After visiting the Brandenburg Gate (pictured), stop by Großer Tiergarten, the oldest park in Berlin.

Pull an all-nighter. One of Europe’s concert capitals, Berlin’s nightlife is legendary. Genre-bending tunes blast through restaurants, clubs, and concert venues every night of the week. Find your niche and get into it.

Go for a run...on the runway. Since it was decommissioned in 2008, Templehof Airport has transformed into Templehof Field: the largest inner-city open space in the world, and Berlin’s largest city park.

Explore the city on two wheels. Pick up one of the bicycles that are scattered around the city and explore the city streets and vast network of parks! They're incredibly easy to rent via mobile app.

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