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Gap Year in Amsterdam

Find inspiration, passion, and purpose as you dive into Dutch culture and discover all that Amsterdam has in store.

EF Gap Year in Amsterdam

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Travel to the capital city of the Netherlands and allow Amsterdam to amaze you.

Amsterdam is truly a city unlike any other. Travel to this dynamic destination where history lives and thrives alongside a modern metropolis! Discover the Dutch way of life as you navigate the cobblestone streets of this picturesque port city: be dazzled by Dam Square, reflect on great art at the Rijksmuseum, and walk the hallowed halls where wartime diarist Anne Frank and her family resided in the Secret Annex.

Known for its flower markets, historic happenings, and world-class museums, Amsterdam has inspired artists and influenced monarchs alike; the city boasts beautiful canals, classic 17th century architecture, and lively nightlife in addition to cheese, clogs, and so much more.

Gap year program in Amsterdam

Brake for bicycles! Colloquially referred to as “the world’s capital of bicycles,” cyclists own the streets of this city. Rent a ride and explore Amsterdam on two wheels for an afternoon.

Gap semester program in Amsterdam

The City of Canals. Also referred to as the “Venice of the North” for its elaborate system of waterways, Amsterdam is home to over 62 miles of grachten, or canals, many of which were dug during the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century.

Gap semester program in Amsterdam

Make your way to the medieval city center. No trip to Amsterdam is complete without a visit to De Walden; cross the canals and transverse narrow alleys lined with old-school bars to discover Old World Amsterdam architecture surrounded by the neon-lit red-light.

Gap semester program in Amsterdam
Gap Year ideas Amsterdam

Marvel at Museumplein. Three major museums encircle this public square: the Rijksmuseum, home to works by Rembrandt and Vermeer; the Stedellijk, which hosts modern art; and the ever-iconic Van Gogh Museum.

Cheese in Amsterdam on a gap year program

Sample Dutch cuisine. Try cheese and chocolate, pickled herring and poffertjes, hagelslag and Stroopwaffel on your Amsterdam adventure.

Gap Year ideas Amsterdam

Visit the floating flower market. The Bloemenmarkt was founded in 1862 in the Amsterdam’s southern canal belt; travel here to find first-rate souvenirs for your family and friends at over 15 souvenir shops!

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