Culture-seekers, foodies, and fashionistas: Tokyo is calling!

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  • Publish Date: August 5th, 2019

Tokyo, Japan is home to 13 million people and over 30 million in the greater Tokyo area where EF Gap Year students can see, smell, and taste their way through the incredible history of this Eastern Asian landscape. Tokyo is often referred to as “a city of cities” because of the 26 cities within the metropolitan area. Tokyo is known for the lasting ancient Japanese traditions ingrained into society. Ancient Japanese traditions include Shinto shrines, sumo tournaments, and cherry blossom viewing festivals. These traditions are an important part of Japanese culture and a way to bring curious minds closer to Tokyo’s history.

While tradition stills holds a significant weight on societal norms, it does not properly convey the rapid growth and modernization of beautiful Tokyo. Tradition has found a way to wrap itself into the world of art, architecture, fashion, and so much more. Tokyo will be the perfect home to students who love history, exploration, and aren't afraid to try something new. EF Gap Year provides the option for our students to experience Japanese culture through two incredible module experiences - language & internship.

EF Gap Year students can see, smell, and taste their way through the incredible history of this Eastern Asian landscape.


What better way to take in the Japan than by through language? Our incredible language module takes students to the other side of the world to learn Japanese in the heart of Tokyo. Our accredited EF Language School features bright & airy classrooms with incredible views of all of Tokyo. The school is also located in the famous Shibuya Cross Tower Building. Students can anticipate having the opportunity to build their Japanese vocabulary, practice writing and speaking Japanese, and even have the chance to learn a little bit of Japanese calligraphy! Student life in Tokyo allows for countless excursion opportunities. Students can visit the big Buddha stature, temples & shrines, or the beach. Kamakura, for example, is just one hour by train from the EF Language School that allows students to enjoy tradition and beautiful nature just outside of Tokyo. From cherry blossom picnics to traditional Japanese harp lessons, studying Japanese in the heart of Tokyo will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for EF Gap Year students!


Students have the incredible opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the business culture in Tokyo. Business culture in Tokyo is very formal and takes an important hierarchical working culture. Japanese really respect those who have climbed the corporate ladder, therefore making the atmosphere more formal. Business culture is extremely important here and is important for students to respect this tradition. When doing business in Japan, it is important to know proper business etiquette. Business etiquette in Japan is not unlike good business etiquette around the world. Politeness, sensitivity to others, and good manners are important ways to demonstrate respect in the workplace. Students looking to work in business, marketing, or travel & tourism will find a perfect fit in working in Tokyo. The EF Gap Year Internship opportunity in Tokyo offers the chance to dive into tradition, while keeping up with the fast-paced, global economy of Japan!

Tokyo is a sophisticated, yet bustling location for culture-seekers hoping to dive into Asian culture. Tokyo allows for all our EF Gap Year students to explore two of our modules in the heart of the world’s largest metropolis.

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