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Our goal is to change your life

All of us working on the EF Gap Year team — whether that’s in the USA or abroad — are committed to making sure you have the best experience of your life. Here are just a few of the team leaders working behind the scenes to ensure your program’s success.

Arsheya Devitre 2

Arsheya Devitre


Arsheya heads EF Gap Year’s leadership team in Boston. She has spent the last five years overseeing EF’s online English learning program. Arsheya grew up in India and Hong Kong. She has also lived and worked in the UK, Egypt, the USA, and China. Travel is part of Arsheya’s DNA, and it has shaped who she is today: “Travel has given me a deep appreciation for different perspectives, toughened me up, built my confidence, fueled my love of adventure, and prepared me for a successful career in an increasingly globalized world."

EF Gap Year - Our gap year team - Sara Dahlstrom

Sara Dahlström


Sara has been crafting amazing hands-on learning experiences for EF travelers for 18 years. She helped launch EF’s Gap Year program. Though born on a small island in Sweden, Sara has lived and worked in Sweden, Spain, the US, Netherlands and Switzerland. “My first experience abroad was when I was 17. It changed my life forever. I’m now living in Switzerland, married to a Dutchman, and our children speak five languages.”

EF Gap Year - Our gap year team - Art Corriveau

Art Corriveau


Art has been promoting the benefits of EF's programs to students and educators for 30 years. He helped launch EF's Gap Year program. He's lived and worked in seven countries on three continents. "I went abroad for the first time my senior year in high school—a group tour of England and Scotland. I've been traveling and living and working abroad ever since. That one trip shaped my whole life. I knew I wanted to be a citizen of the world."

EF Gap Year - Meet our team - Katie

Katie Sullivan


Katie directs our student experience team in ensuring our gap students are well-prepared to depart, well-supported while they are away, and achieve all of their goals on program. She has worked for EF for 12 years, most recently as a marketing director for EF High School Exchange Year. Katie’s travels have taken her to countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. “I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t get out of my comfort zone, travel the world, and get to know people from different backgrounds.”

Kristina Lock

Kristina Lock


Kristina directs the team of EF Gap Year Consultants who help students choose the right program to meet their goals. She has made a career out of connecting people with unique experiences—both creative and educational—that push them out of their comfort zones. The first time Kristina traveled abroad herself was in high school on an EF tour to Italy and Greece. She’s been exploring the world ever since. Kristina’s advice: “Don’t hesitate. You’ll never regret taking time to learn about other cultures and get to know yourself better."

Mary Kate Patton

Mary Kate Patton


Mary Kate manages our communications outreach to gap students, parents, and collaborators—in print, online, and via social media. Prior to joining the team, MK was part of EF’s Global Management Program which allowed her to work with a number of EF programs around the world. “I've met the most incredible people in my travels. Their experiences and stories have opened my eyes to entirely new perspectives and given me a much better sense of self.”

Liv Pettersson

Liv Pettersson


Liv produces our Internship module. Before joining the EF Gap team, Liv worked in Stockholm, advising university-age students on the course programs available through EF International Language Campuses. Liv’s mom worked for an airline, so Liv has been traveling abroad all her life. She feels strongly that this gave her the courage to leave Sweden, study abroad in America, and lead an international career. “Being on my own far away from my family and friends was a bit daunting at first, but it was the best decision I ever made!”

Jennie Jouvenaar

Jennie Jouvenaar


Jennie develops the educational content for our Service Learning and Leadership modules. She went on a service learning trip to Kenya herself after completing high school in the Netherlands. She has since volunteered and worked for several international NGOs. Through this work, she attended youth leadership summits such as One Young World and Merit360. Travel has allowed Jennie to remain curious and grow tremendously as a person. “My motto is: If the opportunity is both terrifying and amazing, you should definitely pursue it."


Jacob Reuthammar


Jacob arranges EF Gap Year’s Immersion and Language Study modules. Originally from Sweden, Jacob bring 7 years of EF flights management expertise to his role. He has traveled extensively in Europe, China, and North America. “Had I not forced myself to move to a different continent to go to college in the USA, I wouldn’t be enjoying the international career I have today. There’s so much to see and learn about people, culture and language. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out!”

Whitney Kemp

Whitney Kemp


Whitney advises EF Gap students throughout their program and supports them to achieve their goals. She is a trained social worker as well as a seasoned traveler herself. Whitney firmly believes that travel opens your eyes to different perspectives and ways of life, allowing you to grow into the person you are meant to be. “Growth takes time and can feel uncomfortable. When you lean into those difficult feelings, you learn so much about yourself and the world."


Natasha Nathan 


Natasha prepares EF Gap students for the adventure ahead and helps them maximize their experience abroad. She honed her travel logistics and problem-solving expertise at EF Ultimate Break. So far, Tasha has explored 15 countries. Two of her favorites have been Portugal and Japan. “Being open to new experiences, cultures, and self-discovery is key.  Get ready for a beautiful and transformative time in your life – say yes to opportunity and just go for it!”

Maggie Kenney

Maggie Kenney


Maggie helps EF students navigate their gap programs successfully. Maggie’s own first experience abroad was a service trip to Northern Uganda where she supported mothers and their children who were returning to their homeland to rebuild their lives. Maggie has since traveled all over the world, but her time in Uganda remains the most memorable—and most challenging. Maggie’s advice: “Get to know people from completely different backgrounds. It’s the most valuable experience you can give yourself. It can—and should—change your entire view on what’s most important to you in life.”

Lauren Westerhouse

Lauren Westerhouse


Lauren advises students on which EF Gap program is the right investment in their future as a global citizen. She draws on her past experience advising students through the college admissions process at Hult International Business School. Lauren studied abroad in Australia when she herself was in college, and has since explored many countries throughout Europe and Asia. Lauren's advice: “Take every opportunity to travel. It teaches you to be fearless and to find comfort via discomfort.”


Kyle Lightner


Kyle consults with students to customize the perfect EF Gap program for their needs. He draws on his past professional experience in the fields of global travel planning and youth leadership. Kyle’s first trip abroad was to Chile in college. It took him outside his comfort zone in ways that changed his view of the world: “I was able to appreciate the impact that food, music, people, and place have on the very foundation of culture. If you are wondering whether a gap year is for you, then the answer is most likely YES!”


Matt Stanton 


Matt prepares EF Gap participants for the amazing experience ahead. He brings over three years of experience to the role, having supported parents and students with their travel arrangements for EF Educational Tours. Matt’s first travels abroad were to England, France, and Spain with EF. He now wishes he had started exploring the world when he was a teenager. “If I had done a done a gap year before college, I would have found my career path sooner. My advice? Go for it now!”

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