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John F.

Gap Semester Spring 2018
🇮🇹 Language & Culture in Italy

Hey there, I’m John! My family has always been passionate about travel, but when I discovered studying abroad wasn’t an option with my university and neuroscience major, I knew I needed to take a gap year. I wanted to be able to connect and communicate with my extended family because the language barrier had strained my whole life, so when I found EF and realized I could immerse myself in Italian culture, focus my semester on language learning, and make such lasting friendships with my cohort, I knew I needed to jump on the opportunity.

I love connecting with students who are thinking about taking a gap year. Let’s find a time to chat!

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Christine S.

Gap Semester Spring 2022
🇪🇸 Language & Culture in Barcelona
🇪🇸 Business & Internship in Seville

Hey everyone, I’m Christine! I was a junior in high school when COVID brought us into a lockdown and felt as if my life had taken a pause—like I lost two years of making connections and memories. Plus, the school burnout was real. I wanted to do something exciting, and after finding EF, I knew taking a gap year would be the right move for me. After exploring Europe for two weeks with my cohort, I studied Spanish in Barcelona before interning in Seville. Now, I study Marketing at Providence College!

I am so excited to chat with you about all things gap. Let’s find a time to chat!

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