Day in the Life: Language Study in Paris

Written by Siena Muscianisi, EF Gap Year Class of 2022

Every day during an EF Gap Year is completely different. Here's a snapshot of one unforgettable day.

My name is Siena, and I'm doing the 25-week EF Gap Year program. My modules are Language Study in Paris, Service Learning in Costa Rica, and Internship in Stockholm. I'm passionate about photography and took these photos myself.

7:00 am: I woke up everyday at my home stay in a small little town about 45 minutes outside of the city. I really like having a quieter place to wake up to and come home to every day. It takes a little stress off of the busy city life. I enjoyed my walk through town to the train station everyday and liked challenging myself to use the metros and trains as much as a could. By the end of the module I felt so much more confident and independent.

10:00 am: I always ate a quick breakfast at home because I liked to save room for a bigger breakfast/brunch at a cafe in Paris. Going to cafes was one of my favorite things to do in the city, so I always saved room. I would usually go before or after class depending on when my classes were scheduled to sit outside, read a book, and enjoy a croque madame and cappuccino (my favorite french combo).

3:00 pm: In the afternoons after class, I would either go to a cafe with friends, or grab a quick lunch at the Monoprix and sit on the grass at the Tuileries Palace Gardens, or on the steps of the church nearby. Tuileries was my favorite and it was only a quick metro ride away. I enjoyed having a peaceful place to talk with friends and eat lunch. I also liked taking advantage of the sunny days outside because Paris can get pretty cold in October and November.

6 pm: In the evenings, I often met friends at a restaurant, or at the cinema to catch a late night movie. I really enjoyed evenings in Paris. My favorite thing to do was sit outside for dinner, enjoy a delicious meal, and watch the world go by while talking to friends. After dinner, we would sometimes find cool spots in the city, or just walk around Paris at night and see the lights over the Seine.

What tomorrow may hold: I'm looking forward to seeing my mom and brother in Paris. They're coming to visit the city for 3 days, so I can't wait to show them some of my favorite places.

Siena Muscianisi

EF Gap Year Class of 2022

As a Global Influencer Fellow, Siena showcases her storytelling skills by sharing her experiences diving into new cultures with EF Gap Year on this blog, social media, and photography.

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