EF Leadership Academy

We firmly believe that today’s gap students are tomorrow’s leaders. So for your final module, we’ve designed an unforgettable series of seminars and workshops—EF Leadership Academy—to give you an amazing head start. Not only will completion of this module enable you to take on more leadership roles at college, but it’ll help you enter the work force with the confidence you need to succeed.

EF Gap Year - Orientation - Leadership - Ashridge

Leadership immersion at Ashridge

Your EF Gap cohort once again gathers at Hult Ashridge outside London, one of the world’s premier centers for leadership training. Here you’ll attend an intensive series of lectures, discussions, and group activities to build your leadership presence. Professional moderators will lead you though a carefully designed syllabus of skills to enhance your natural talents and compensate for your blind spots and weaknesses.

EF Gap Year - Program Guide - Leadership -

What you’ll learn

Over the course of an intensive five days of seminars and lectures, you’ll learn the secrets of effective teams. You’ll also engage in fun adventure activities and trust-building exercises that put your new-found leadership and teamwork skills to the test. You’ll come away from the experience much more self-confident and self-aware, and ready to lead any team to success. You’ll also possess a certificate of completion highlighting the skills you’ve developed.

EF Academy - Leadership - Ireland & Scotland

Leadership tour of Ireland and Scotland

EF Gap Year participants then set off together on a tour of Ireland and Scotland. You’ll bring your leadership skills to life with historical and cultural visits to Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, the Scottish Highlands, and Edinbugh. Along the way, discuss the complex leadership issues faced by these ancient cities—from Viking times to present—that have led to the formation of today’s Great Britain and Ireland.


The global leadership skills you’ll learn


Cross-cultural awareness

Overcoming cultural differences and language barriers for effective communication


Team building

Choosing the right collaborators to enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses


Leadership & mentorship

Knowing when to take charge and set standards and when to step back and let others to shine


Public speaking & presentations

Crafting succinct presentations and delivering them in compelling ways


Self-assessment & accountability

Understanding your limits; making agreements that don’t over-promise and under-deliver

Leadership tour itinerary

EF Gap Year - Leadership - Dublin


Day 1:  Fly to Dublin. Walking tour of the city, including O’Connell Street, St. Stephen’s Green, Grafton Street, and Temple Bar. Stop at Trinity College to inspect the Book of Kells. Tour St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Evening discussion on the Viking conquest of Ireland as a leadership in history case study.

Day 2:  Visit to the Guinness brewery, followed by a discussion about leadership in business and the building of a global brand. Afternoon leadership in innovation discussion about Silicon Docks and Ireland’s emergence as a tech giant. 

EF Gap Year_Program Guide_Leadership_Belfast


Day 3: Motorcoach transfer to Belfast through the Irish countryside. Take a guided walking tour of the city, with a focus on leadership in politics and Northern Ireland’s complex debate over independence versus interdependence with Great Britain. 

EF gap year_Program_Guide_Leadership_Glasgow


Day 4:  Ferry to Scotland and motorcoach journey to Glasgow. Visit the National Piping Centre, home to the history and study of the Scottish bagpipe.  A leadership in the arts discussion follows about Glasgow’s important role in Great Britain’s contemporary arts and culture scene. 

EF Gap Year - Leadership - Scottish Highlands


Day 5: Motorcoach tour of the breathtaking Scottish Highlands, stopping at the Glencoe Visitors Centre to learn about the Massacre of 1692. 

Day 6: You’re up early  the next morning for a guided highlands walk—with a discussion about leadership in environmental sustainability en route, and the vital role leadership plays in survival against the elements.

EF Gap Year - Leadership - Edinburgh


Day 7: Journey to Stirling Castle, site of several sieges during Scotland’s struggle for independence from England. Debate leadership in the media by examining the fictional portrayal of William “Braveheart” Wallace versus the actual man and events. Travel onward to Edinburgh.

Day 8: Walking tour of Royal Edinburgh, including Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, Hollyrood House, and the new Scottish Parliament Building. Explore Edinburgh’s vital role in the leadership in medical science with visits to relevant sights.  Free afternoon.

Day 9: Free morning. Journey to London by train to begin your program Wrap-up.


Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to availability and local conditions at the time of departure. 

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