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EF Leadership Academy

We firmly believe that today’s gap students are tomorrow’s leaders. So for your final module, we’ve designed an unforgettable series of seminars and workshops—EF Leadership Academy—to give you an amazing head start. Not only will completion of this module enable you to take on more leadership roles at college, but it’ll help you enter the work force with the confidence you need to succeed.

EF Gap Year - Orientation - Leadership - Ashridge

Leadership in a global context

Your entire gap cohort will once again gather as a group to attend an intensive series of lectures, discussions, and group activities to build your leadership presence. Leaders of the 21st century must also be global leaders. So special emphasis is placed on enhancing the international skills you have recently gained during your EF Gap program.

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What you’ll learn

Professional moderators will lead you through a carefully designed syllabus that builds skills in the four critical areas of 21st-century leadership: global awareness, self-awarness, influencing others, and effective execution. You also take the internationally recognized Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment to help you enhance your natural talents and compensate for your blind spots and weaknesses. 

EF Academy - Leadership - Ireland & Scotland

Your leadership credentials

You’ll come away from the week much more self-confident and selfaware, and ready to lead any team to success. Upon successful completion of EF Leadership Academy, you will be awarded an official certificate of leadership skills you have developed.

The global leadership skills you’ll learn


Global awareness

• Learn about global megatrends and the future of technology

• Leverage your global citizenship in an interconnected world

• Overcome cultural differences and language barriers for better communication



• Identify your Gallup StrengthsFinder “Top 5” strengths and learn how to use them

• Choose the right collaborators to enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses

• Lead from your authentic self and share your unique vision


Influencing others

• Craft succinct speeches and deliver them in compelling ways.

• Know when to take charge and set standards and when to step back and let others shine.

• Understand your limits; make agreements that don’t over-promise and under-deliver


Effective execution

• Harness the power of teams to achieve complex objectives

• Navigate difficult conversations and overcome obstacles to success

• Perform under pressure and minimize the effects of stress

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