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Live like a local

Go abroad on your own timeline. Study a language in a new city for a week to a year.

For the traveler looking for an in-depth immersion in one locale

Study a language at an accredited EF school while living in the heart of a city where it’s spoken. You’ll have plenty of time outside of class to explore and interact with locals, putting your new skills to use.

  • Start any Monday and choose the number of weeks you want to be away.

  • Enjoy a blend of structured learning and free time to explore.

Program Highlights
  • Language Learning

    You could advance one fluency level every six weeks—thanks to our personalized learning method that blends classroom lessons with cultural immersion.

  • Cultural Immersion

    Classes are a few hours a day on weekdays, which means you’ll have the rest of your week to explore. Travel on your own or join activities coordinated by the language school.

  • Independence

    You'll have ample opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and build your independence. You’ll learn how to handle unfamiliar situations and discover what you’re truly capable of.

  • Structure & Support

    Go abroad with the security of EF Education First—the world leader in international education—supporting you every step of the way. You'll have on-the-ground support, as well as a 24/7 emergency contact.

Choose from 7 languages across 12 destinations.
  • Learn Spanish:
    —Tamarindo, Costa Rica
    —Barcelona, Spain
    —Malaga, Spain

    Learn French:
    —Nice, France
    —Paris, France

    Learn German:
    —Berlin, Germany
    —Munich, Germany

  • Learn Italian:
    —Rome, Italy

    Learn Chinese:
    —Shanghai, China*

    Learn Korean:
    —Seoul, South Korea

    Learn Japanese:
    —Tokyo, Japan


You’re heading to a new country to steep yourself in another language and culture. We’re not surprised you have a few questions.

Program Fee

Tuition for this program starts at $1150/week.* Tuition includes:

  • Room & Board

    Accommodations and some of your meals (note: There will be an additional fee if staying in an EF residence)

  • Language Instruction

    Tuition for an accredited course at EF's language school, culminating in an EF Course Certificate and EFSET Certificate of Achievement

  • Global Support Network

    On-the-ground support as well as travel support before your program

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