Live like a local

Go abroad on your own timeline. Study a language in a new city for a week to a year.

For the traveler looking for an in-depth immersion in one locale

Study a language at an accredited EF school while living in the heart of a city where it’s spoken. You’ll have plenty of time outside of class to explore and interact with locals, putting your new skills to use.

  • Start any Monday and choose the number of weeks you want to be away.

  • Enjoy a blend of structured learning and free time to explore.

Program Highlights

  • Language Learning

    You could advance one fluency level every six weeks—thanks to our personalized learning method that blends classroom lessons with cultural immersion.

  • Cultural Immersion

    Classes are a few hours a day on weekdays, which means you’ll have the rest of your week to explore. Travel on your own or join activities coordinated by the language school.

  • Independence

    You'll have ample opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and build your independence. You’ll learn how to handle unfamiliar situations and discover what you’re truly capable of.

  • Structure & Support

    Go abroad with the security of EF Education First—the world leader in international education—supporting you every step of the way. You'll have on-the-ground support, as well as a 24/7 emergency contact.

Choose from 7 languages across 12 destinations.
Learn Spanish:
—Tamarindo, Costa Rica
—Barcelona, Spain
—Malaga, Spain

Learn French:
—Nice, France
—Paris, France

Learn German:
—Berlin, Germany
—Munich, Germany

Learn Italian:
—Rome, Italy

Learn Chinese:
—Shanghai, China*

Learn Korean:
—Seoul, South Korea

Learn Japanese:
—Tokyo, Japan

*Available starting Fall 2022.

Study in style

Our language schools feature state-of-the-art facilities and blend seamlessly into their local environment.


You’re heading to a new country to steep yourself in another language and culture. We’re not surprised you have a few questions.

Do I need to speak the language already?

Any level of language proficiency is welcome, as we have classes to accommodate all levels. Whether you want to finally pronounce “ciao” with confidence or you’re looking to test into an even higher college language course, you’ll be a perfect fit at any EF International Language Campus.

How demanding are language classes?

This completely immersive language experience can be challenging, but it’s worth it. EF Gap Year students usually advance one official language level during a six-week module. Students on our semester program also see significant progress during their shorter, four-week stay.

This total immersion experience includes teacher-led instruction in the classroom, educational excursions around town, vocabulary-building in our learning lab, and additional self-directed exercises online at any time of day.

Does the school organize activities?

Yes! What those activities looks like depends on your school, but when lessons are over for the day, there’s a full program of activities, events, sports matches, and outings at school or around the city.

On the weekends, you’ll be invited to join optional excursions to other vibrant cities in your host country and beyond.

What are the accommodations like?

You’ll live in a shared room homestay with a local host, which is ideal for perfecting your accent.

Your food situation will depend on your location and accommodation type, but a typical plan with a host includes breakfast and dinner provided on weekdays and all meals provided on weekends. 

You also have the option of living in an international student residence near your school at a supplemental price—subject to availability. 

Program Fee

Tuition for this program starts at $1150/week.* Tuition includes:

*Note: Pricing will depend on factors such as destination, time of year, and course intensity. Please contact us for more specific pricing information.

  • Room & Board

    Accommodations and some of your meals (note: There will be an additional fee if staying in an EF residence)

  • Language Instruction

    Tuition for an accredited course at EF's language school, culminating in an EF Course Certificate and EFSET Certificate of Achievement

  • Global Support Network

    On-the-ground support as well as travel support before your program

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