Make this your year.

Thinking about alternatives to college this fall? Our global gap program lets you make the most of your time off.

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EF Gap Year Programs

On a customizable EF Gap Year (25 weeks) or Semester (12 weeks), you can learn a language, participate in service learning, do an internship, and travel around the world.

Program Modules

We break up our programs into modules so you can build your perfect gap. You get to select the cities or countries where you’ll study, intern, and complete service learning projects.

A year that prepares you for life

The gap year is not an alternative to college. It’s about preparing yourself to make the most of college—and in many ways, the rest of your life.

Become a global citizen

Travel the world, sharpen your language skills, and gain professional experience abroad

Grow into your best self

Become a more confident, independent, and resilient version of yourself.

Define your life path

Return home with greater clarity about your goals and inner compass.

Gain a competitive edge

Enter college more socially and academically prepared, with life experiences under your belt.

Pick Your Destination

You get to decide where you'll immerse yourself in a new language, join an international company, and contribute to a local community.