College Application Seminar

This optional three-day college app seminar takes place during winter break.

Put your best foot forward

This informal, boot camp style college app seminar provides all the basics of crafting a first-rate application. It takes place in a conference suite at EF’s corporate headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Accommodations and select meals are included.

EF Gap Year and fall EF Gap Semester students who are applying to college should consider signing up for our optional College Application Seminar.

  • Showcase your skills & talents

    Chronicle your unique experiences and accomplishments in the most compelling way for college admissions officers.

  • Craft a stand-out essay

    Tell the amazing story of how your gap experience has transformed you into a global citizen and reinvigorated your love of learning.

  • Apply to the right schools

    Discover which schools match your study interests, career aspirations, and vibe.