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We’re the world leader in international education

For more than 50 years, our mission at EF Education First has been to open the world through education. Our philosophy is simple: the best way to help students gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through experiential learning. We’ve introduced millions of people to educational travel, language learning, and cultural exchange. Though we have grown to become the world’s largest education organization, our goal remains exactly the same: Education First.


Our global presence and support

Our dedicated team of 52,000 EF Education First personnel in 50 countries and 612 offices and schools around the globe ensures that wherever you venture on an EF program, we’re there to support you 24/7.

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Our commitment to quality

Unlike other gap year organizations, we insist on overseeing every aspect of your program ourselves—even when we partner with respected NGOs in local communities. It’s the only way we can maintain our strict quality standards. Count on EF Educaton First counselors, teachers, tour guides, and staff for support every step of the way.

EF Gap Year - EF Education First - Emphasis on education

Our emphasis on education

We partner with your guidance counselors and teachers to enhance what you’ve learned in the classroom through hands-on discovery. With EF Education First, you put your knowledge to the test in the real world, connect with different cultures, encounter fresh ideas, and gain new perspectives on life.

EF Gap Year - EF Education First - Low-price promise

Our low-price promise to you

EF Education First insists on offering the lowest possible prices so as many students as possible can afford to travel on our programs. Yet we never skimp on value. Our size allows us to negotiate great rates on travel and accommodation, which we pass directly on to you.

How we’re opening the world through education

At EF Education First, we offer quality educational programs all over the world that help people of all ages continue to learn and grow through life-changing, hands-on experiences.

EF Gap Year - EF Education First - Educational travel

Educational travel

EF leads guided tours to every continent on the planet, allowing North American teachers and students to make the world their classroom.

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We teach 8 languages in fully accredited schools in 17 countries and dozens of spectacular locations.

EF Gap Year - EF Education First - Cultural exchange

Cultural exchange

Through a non-profit organization, we help thousands of teenagers worldwide experience the American dream on a high school exchange year.

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Academic programs

We award high school degrees to students from 100 countries at our boarding schools in the US and UK.


EF Education First works closely with our partners to ensure their institutional needs are met, and we’re connected to the standards and values of the greater global education community.


Questions? Speak with an EF Gap Year Consultant.


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